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BestChoiceChanges has over 2000 success stories!

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"Reasons why I believe BestChoiceChanges really is the 'Best Choice' as the name says:
  1. Quick weight loss-18lbs. lost and 4" off my tummy in only 26 days!!
  2. The drops make a difference. This is the only time I have been able to endure a low calorie diet without wanting to run somebody over to get to my food :) They really helped balance my mood and blood sugar between meals!
  3. Also, the program really removed fat and not muscle. When I lost the layer of fat covering my arms I could see great muscle definition!
  4. What really is the most important, in my opinion, is how the Phase 2 really helps eliminate bad eating habits. Now that I am in Phase 3 it is really quite easy to continue to make healthy choices.
  5. Having made those healthy choices and adding additional foods back and learning how my body responds to certain foods is what will make this new lifestyle difference permanent for improved health long term. That is much better than some of those other programs that just allow you to switch to lower calorie, usually bad tasting versions of junk food. The bad habits are still there. Not so with BestChoiceChanges! I've learned what's best for my body, health and weight and I like it!!"
- CM, Roswell, GA

"After losing 70 lbs and approximately 6 inches around the waist through BestChoiceChanges, my total cholesterol was significantly lowered from 220 to 160 and I was able to reduce the amount of medications he was taking and eliminate others completely."

Bill Bush - Weight Loss: 70 lbs

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