Before and After Photos

Mikki Funderburke
Inches Lost: 14

"Before BestChoiceChanges, I was feeling fat, sluggish and not happy with the way I looked. I started to accept weight came with age. I was exercising and eating healthy but had no weight loss. After the program, I lost 14 inches and went from a size 10 to sizes 2 & 4 in just 26 days. My cholesterol also dropped from 308 to 128. Now I feel skinny, energetic and have my curves and contour back."
David Funderburke
Inches Lost: 9

"In addition to the weight loss, I also dropped from a 42 inch to a 33 inch waist size and have been able to maintain these results for 3 years!"
Bill Bush
Inches Lost: 6

"After losing 70 lbs and approximately 6 inches around the waist through BestChoiceChanges, my total cholesterol was significantly lowered from 220 to 160 and I was able to reduce the amount of medications I was taking and eliminate others completely."
Jon S.

"After 6 months of trying to lose weight with a personal trainer and not seeing results, I tried BestChoiceChanges and lost 56 lbs in 2 months and regained muscle definition"
Wanda S.
Robin G.

"When I started this I never believed I'd be where I am today. I had tried and failed so many times and my body was so out of balance that it wasn't able to do what I needed it to do. The BestChoiceChanges solutions was simple and motivating. It's not that hard to stick to a program when you begin to feel better than ever and you see the number on the scale go down almost every day."   Read Full Article
Amanda Vogel
Carlyne M.
Inches Lost: 4

"BestChoiceChanges really is the 'Best Choice' as the name says. I experienced quick weight loss-18 lbs. lost and 4" off my tummy in only 26 days!! Also, the program really removed fat and not muscle. When I lost the layer of fat covering my arms I could see great muscle definition!"
Shauna W.

"I feel so good. I am back to my old size and I feel pretty again!!"
Muriel C.
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