Amanda Smith Vogel

Health & Fitness Coach

Amanda Smith Vogel is a Personal Fitness Trainer. She will support you throughout the BestChoiceChanges program with her knowledge and experience as well as provide direction and advice as a Health and Fitness coach on appropriate exercise during your program and beyond.

Amanda is also the owner of Beauty for Boomers, a website designed for Practical and Sassy tips, tricks, treatments and product reviews to help you make BestChoiceChanges.

Amanda is a multi-talented individual and served as the reigning Miss Georgia USA 1985 and returned to take the crown of Mrs. Georgia 2005!

She is an energetic mother of two, wife and always busy yet, always ready to help others. Making a decision to compete for a repeat crown required personal focus on beauty, health and fitness at a new stage of life.

Amanda will share her secrets with you and assist you in making... your BestChoiceChanges as well!
Here is what BestChoiceChanges and Amanda can do for you:
  • End Yo-Yo dieting!
  • Reduce cravings and hunger!
  • More easily maintain your new weight!    
Weight Loss Tip from Amanda

"Don't put off until tomorrow, a Healthy Change you can make today."

-Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors
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