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Thank you for your interest in achieving healthy weight loss through BestChoiceChanges. As experienced healthcare professionals, our goal is to help you achieve rapid weight loss success and improve your long term health and well-being through the positive impact of healthy weight loss.

Physically you will improve in many ways. Other changes also occur. As your body takes on a more lean, contoured and younger appearance, you are more confident. Typical results are up to 1-2 lbs. of fat loss per day for 26 days. Women tend to lose 1/2 to 1 lb. per day. Men tend to achieve greater losses than women.

In addition to weight loss there is a dramatic change in contour because of inches lost. Please click on the attached form to print and bring to your scheduled appointment or save it in your computer and send it back to your BestChoiceChanges contact. This information will help us assess and provide you with good direction based on the information you provide. Upon submitting this form, a member of the BestChoiceChanges support team will contact you to schedule a 1 hour consultation to go over the program in full detail. The BestChoiceChanges protocol and diet shapes and contours your body by burning abnormally stored fat and allowing your lean muscle mass to show. You can achieve a healthy new weight level and a healthy, contoured look that you would naturally have if you were not carrying excess abnormal fat. This program does not require that you exercise. Different than any other weight loss plan, this plan is based on the original research of done by Dr. Simeon and tested in double blind studies by independent physicians for the use of small amounts of hormonal supplementation to trigger the release of fat cells. This is an exact science. We not only lose the fat but reuse the calories within the fat cells. There are 3000 available calories in a pound of human fat. This is what makes this program so successful is triggering the reuse of the calories. Here is what just one client said about the BestChoiceChanges Advance Max plan,

“I can’t wait for you to see me. It is only day 6 and I’m down 11.2 lbs. and 3 inches around my waist I cannot believe it!”

Personal Support & Help
This basic information will be supplemented with personal guidance and support as each of us is entering the program with different weight issues, eating habits and personal background. You will receive information, support and tracking tools. We will work as closely with you as you want or need through our Support & Report email outreach program. We want to support you throughout your plan and to help you to set and stabilize your lowest weight. Your results will be consistent with the many others achieving success on this program as you stay the course. Our job will be to support you through your personal experience and to answer questions as you go. We will offer tips for success and keep you up to date as you enter each phase of your protocol. This allows you to move through with focus on your success with the phase you are in.

As medical professionals we are aware that help along the path is the best way to proceed for maximum success. We will not give you medical advice but can coach you with confidence and credibility. Visit the Advance Max Solution page. This will provide you details on each aspect of the program and provide you with additional information. BestChoiceChanges will help you along the path to success.

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