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Jill Burnett is a Registered Nurse with a varied nursing background. She has spent much of her 18 + years of nursing in pediatrics, working with children with special needs/developmental delays and most recently working at a pediatric GI practice for nine years. Through her GI experience, she learned a lot about the gastrointestinal processes of the body and was able to see up close and personal the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Children as young as 5 and 6 years of age were seen because of cholesterol levels, triglycerides levels and liver enzyme levels that were elevated well above normal limits. These children would usually be followed by a Registered Dietitian who would coach the family on how to rein in their eating habits and what foods they should be offering instead of the high fat diet that most were eating. Like those families, Jill had fought this same battle since her teen years and decided that she wanted to make a change.

Jill, like so many of us, has tried numerous weight loss methods and programs through the years, but without any long term success. She heard about the BestChoiceChanges diet support through a friend and together they decided to give it a shot. Jill tried products that she had she purchased over the internet and found there was no support or coaching, she fell prey to mistakes in her diet because she did not have anyone to ask, "is it ok to eat ________?" or "can you help me understand more about what foods are allowed during the maintenance phase?" She lost weight, but with less success than she could have had with the proper support like that offered through the care, support and service of BestChoiceChanges. Shortly after that, she met Mikki Funderburke RN, founder of BestChoiceChanges. When she saw the phenomenal results people achieve through the BestChoiceChanges Program using the support, products and program with proper education and support, Jill wanted to share this life-changing product and comprehensive approach with others. She is excited about helping others reach their weight loss goals, become healthier and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. If you’re ready to get off the diet treadmill and achieve a more permanent approach to weight loss with the support and help of a healthcare professional along the path, contact Jill today!
Weight Loss Tip from Jill

Jill recommends the use of Liquid Stevia to Go, available at Walmart.

Here is what BestChoiceChanges and Jill can do for you:
  • Most tell us they lose weight more quickly than on other plans they have tried.
  • Most women typically lose between ½ and 1 lb per day minimum.
  • Most men typically lose between 1-2 lbs per day.
  • Most tell us they lose the abnormal fat that has been the hardest to get off.
  • Most will see the greatest losses in your abdomen, hips, thighs, upper arms and under your chin.
  • Many like us will get a more youthful contoured body and face.
  • You do not need to exercise! In fact only minimal walking is suggested.
Read about Jill's number ONE client success story in Around About Walton Magazine and how she helped Robyn Gruber successfully lose over 100 lbs!
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