Jennifer Munn RN, CBCN

Client Services

Jennifer Munn is a Registered Nurse who has spent 4 years in Medical/Surgical nursing and has been working as a breast cancer specialty nurse for the last 4 years. She thoroughly enjoys working to help others. Jennifer became familiar with BestChoiceChanges diet and support program after her husband decided to do the program with BestChoiceChanges through Mikki Funderburke RN, Director. In an effort to support him, Jennifer decided to do the program also. What was planned to only be support turned into success. She lost 20 pounds she didn't even realize she needed to lose.

Losing the weight left Jennifer feeling great. BestChoiceChanges has changed her life and she looks forward to the opportunity to help others make the same positive life changes. Jennifer has now been helping others to successfully achieve their own great results on the BestChoiceChanges plan and protocol. Jennifer devotes her time to supporting others with their BestChoiceChanges plan and do so with the perspective offered by a nurse who has achieved success herself.

Here is what BestChoiceChanges and Jennifer can do for you:
  • You will lose weight quickly provided you follow the exact protocol.
  • Most women typically lose between ½ and 1 lb per day minimum.
  • Most men typically lose between 1-2 lbs per day.
  • Most report loss of the abnormal fat that has been the hardest to get off.
  • Most will see the greatest losses in your abdomen, hips, thighs, upper arms and under your chin.
  • Many like us report a more youthful contoured body and face.
  • You do not need to exercise! In fact only minimal walking is suggested.
Weight Loss Tip from Jennifer

"Don't put off until tomorrow, a Healthy Change you can make today."

- Dr. Travis Stork of The Docotors
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